Our study is going viral.

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PS. Flora Teoh from the odd media Health Feedback cannot obviously read and less understand science. Whatever her reel agenda are – what she writes is both full of lies and BS. Plus in an extreme extent misleading the readers! It´s most of all an attack on free speech and a way of censoring people like myself – because her misleading article are how Facebook label facts as misleading. Again and again. Mark Zuckerberg are still blindly censoring proper science and facts. Disgracefully.

Our study are NOT misleading and what I have said in interviews neither. Flora Teoh are deliberately misleading Health Feedbacks readers and Facebooks users . The obvious purpose are to use her lies to maintain censoring experts like myself.

What Flora Teoh has written are lies – both concerning our study and how she refer to some odd articles full of other lies. All she writes about me in her weird article are lies. Simple lies and made up stories. Plus she surely hasn´t understood our study and the safety signal. Or maybe she just won´t and denies to understand the serious safety signals.

How much did Biden pay ex FB and Linkedin for censoring experts like myself? How much has he payed the odd site Health Feedback? Paying evil and obvious ignorant people like Flora a Teoh to write nonsense with one purpose only – to defame experts like myself. Shame on you Flora Teoh! Shame on Biden and Mark Zuckerberg trying to censor experts and censoring a legit discussion about the sideeffects from the corona-vaccines. Denying experts and scientists a relevant and urgent discussion.