I used to envy canadians for living in a country filled with freedom, tolerance and stunning landscapes. Build on democratic values and respect for one another. Diversity at its best.

Until the asshole Justin Trudeau decided to behave like af corona-maniac and demanding mandatory vaccines for different groups such as truckers. With no respect for either science, autonomy or democracy.

I have been following the protester in Truckers Freedom Convoy and my heart are crying for this terrible, nasty and violent treatment the government and policeforces has shown them. It is a dark, dark period for Canada – and I feel immense disgust toward especially Justin Trudeau. In my opion as a fact-loving and democracy-loving doctor I find Trudeau not alone immense ignorant but even more extreme dangerous for the canadians and people worldwide.

Such a terrible dictatorship shown by Trudeau and disrespect toward science, data, autonomy and democracy could become an infectious disease and spread to other leaders if we don´t look out carefully. May it never happen again in other countries.

For all canadians – please get back to where you were – when your country was a country we loved because of your democracy, freedom-loving canadians and beautiful minds. It is time for you to demand a new government and take Trudeau down.

Not fighting dictatorship and ugliness makes you part of the problem. Today it may be your neighbor being tramped on for begging for autonomy and democracy – tomorrow it is your turn to be bullied, tramped on and humiliated. Put to jail for fighting for freedom of speech and autonomy.

Here you find a video from the pressconference – extremely sad to listen to:

Stand up you brave canadians – and let Trudeau fall! How can you let such a despot as Justin Trudeau rule your country?

For the protesters – well done! We admire you for your work and willingness to stand up for our democracy and autonomy. We´re with you in our hearts.

Justin Trudeau – shame on you!